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Mls  works in accordance with clients based in DE - FR - USA - NL - UK etc.
Mls has opted for "European Standards procedure" in terms of List Broking.
Mls is also able : to find special target, to mediate for swaps operations, to create lead generation and activate professional merge/purge procedure to prepare an italian list plan.

We started working for mail order houses
( Otto Versand, Dell Computer, Brady Group, etc)
and now we are working also in activities areas as
automotive, financial, retail, tourism etc.

1 Invite motorists to try a car at a car dealership

Services :

  • Postal addresses of well-off people.

  • Email campaign to the owners of similar cars.

  • Telemarketing support.

email marketing infiniti italy

2. To stimulate the use of the website to rent holiday house.

holiday lettings to rent holiday house

Services :

  • Find email lists in : Italy - France -Portugal -

  • Postal mailing production.

  • Research of addresses "owners holiday house"  


3. Sell at distance promotional items.

Services :

  • To supply Postal addresses to personalise pens. see video.

  • To swap with other mail order houses.

  • To append data to the client's list.

4. New Subscribers "Time Magazine".

Services :

  • Postal addresses in IT ES DE

  • To normalise internal file and

merge/purge with external lists.

5. To offer adwords services.


Services :
To supply Italian and Spanish start up businesses to promote, via postal mailing, adwords services.

6. Seton : To target to send b2b catalogue
  • Research of lists in Italy and Spain.
  • Local and International Lists.
  • "Production manager" contacts.
seton products
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